For Customers of Alphabet Communications Ltd. Web and Mail Hosting Services

Terms of Service and Use

These policies apply to all web and mail hosting services provided by Alphabet Communications Ltd. By using our hosting services, all our Customers agree to the following terms and receive these promises:

What Alphabet Promises to Do

  • strive for 99.99% availability with fast load times (Disclosure: recent performance=99.96%, or offline less than 35 seconds per 24 hours)
  • pro-actively advise you of best practices for security and performance
  • provide clear billing with good value for money
  • show care for your personal information, as outlined in our privacy policy
  • respond to support requests quickly with information and action
  • enforce security policies on each hosting account for the safety of all our customers
  • from time to time create a layer of remote third-party cloud storage backups as a courtesy (WordPress website contents)
  • when urgent and appropriate, access your account files and administration panels in order to enhance or preserve security and performance. This action may be taken at any time without prior notice to you and may result in charges to your account. Circumstances in which such actions may be taken include:
    • in response to an active, past or imminent hacking attack on your site or our server
    • in response to security warnings from onboard software
    • in response to information received from other parties regarding confirmed or potential vulnerabilities
    • as a response to any configuration, setting, software, file or content that is deemed to represent a security risk to your site and/or other sites hosted on our servers
    • routine software and plug-in component maintenance to preserve best practices set-up of your account, website, and the hosting server
Alphabet will also remove, suspend or cancel the hosting agreements of customers who:
  • intentionally or repeatedly do not observe our terms of service
  • pose a security risk to our server services for any reason
  • pose a security risk to other hosting customers for any reason
  • use excessive bandwidth or CPU resources
Alphabet reserves the right to decline to enter into a hosting agreement at our own discretion.

What Our Hosting Customers Agree To These Terms

By engaging our hosting services you agree that you will:
  • Only upload and display permissible types of content. The standard of permissibility will be determined solely by Alphabet Communications. In general, the standard can be understood as truthful representation of fact and opinion that meets generally understood community standards. Content that is not permitted includes: “adult” or pornographic images or text; misleading, illegal or malicious material; malware or corrupted files; links to unsafe sites; links to sites which promote content that does not meet community standards; and insecure software configurations.
  • Use best practices for ID and password creation for administrators and users on their website, FTP and mail accounts. These practices include complex passwords and avoidance of default ID names such as “admin”, “test” or “webmaster”.
  • Preserve the privacy of all account access information, including FTP access, web panel access, and WordPress or other CMS administration access. Any sharing or creation of new administration level accounts should include notification to Alphabet so that we are aware of who has administrative powers on your account.
  • Keep Alphabet informed as to the current telephone and email contact information for your site owner and website administration.
  • Take responsibility for the licensing of images, videos and text content from other sources, and save Alphabet harmless for any licensing fees outstanding for your use of those images.
    Note: If Alphabet has designed or updated your site with licensed imagery, these legal requirements have already been met, and as our client you can be assured that the content has been properly licensed.
  • Take responsibility for backups for your own material, and acknowledge that any provision of backup service by Alphabet is a courtesy, not a guarantee of availability.
  • Acknowledge your responsibility for the actions of any third party supplier, programmer, analyst or consultant who you engage to update your site configuration or contents.
  • Restrict or cancel any access of third parties to your site contents and administration once their services are no longer active.
  • Acknowledge that in the event of cancellation of your hosting account due to violation of the Terms of Service and Use policy can be done without guarantee of refunding of fees, restoration of service, or promise of provision of migration or backup retrieval.
  • Renew domain registrations you hold and administer renewals and information changes prior to expiry dates, and maintain current DNS information as appropriate.
  • Never install, permit or engage in “spamming” activity from our servers. Such activity will constitute a violation of Terms of Service and Use, and will result in cancellation of the hosting agreement. Our anti-spam policy will follow Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation as described at
  • Never engage in spamming activities from any other location in order to drive traffic to a site hosted on our servers.
  • Agree that your activity on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest with accounts linked to sites hosted by our servers may be viewed as subject to our Terms of Service and Use.
  • Give 30 days or more notice that you intend to stop using our hosting service.
This Terms of Service and Use policy may be updated at any time to reflect best practices and to ensure value for all our customers.
Thank you for your agreement and understanding. These policies have been developed to:
  • provide clarity of responsibilities,
  • to optimize your web hosting value, and
  • to provide security and best performance for visitors to your site.
If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.