Setting a Website Development Budget

Cost is one of the first questions that comes to mind when you think about developing a new website. Design firms prefer to put off that conversation until we know the details of what you need. There are some general guidelines, however, that will give you some idea of what to expect in terms of costs. We’ve provided this website budget planning tool to help you consider which features you need, and give you some idea of the costs likely to be associated with those features.

It is only after a careful analysis of your needs that decisions should be made. Often the features you think you need will not really help you be more effective, and other tools that you have not considered will help you in ways you did not anticipate. That’s why we often start our relationship with a client with a “Phase One” discovery module, where we gather information about your organization’s goals and the needs of your audience, and map those to the most effective web tools available.




When Alphabet Hosts Your Site

We strongly recommend hosting your site on our server for reliability and security. Monthly rates start as low as $20. Your hosting plan includes:

  • generous storage and traffic quotas
  • onboard security to prevent hacking attacks
  • automatic backups to remote cloud storage
  • guaranteed 99.5% + uptime
  • our SSD-drive servers mean super-fast response time – up to 4x as fast as regular servers
  • we implement advanced server settings for fast delivery of data, including data-caching systems, compression and more
  • our advanced custom sites come with a personalized onboard training manual with screen views that show how functions work
  • get support easily via the Alphabet Support request system built right into the administration area of your site